Who the hell are these guys? Do They Just Do Custom Gun Parts and Accessories? Are They Just Gonna Customize My Gun?

At Williams Gun Works we don't just build stock guns, gun holsters, gun accessories or gun upgrades and throw them out there. We build your custom gun with custom accessories, Cerakote coatings, and custom holsters the way you want it. Then, our custom gun specialists run it through extensive tough testing to make sure you get an awesome product that won'tfail. We also take time to oil and maintain your gun back to it's most perfect state. That's why our custom gun work in Kansas is the best you can spend money on.

Morally, there are several things we refuse to do- like provide poor customer service or inferior quality of products. Even more - any custom gun upgrade, custom accessory or custom holster that leaves the doors of our shop is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. This is why you should only get gun work from us- we're the custom Glock parts experts; and this expertise translates to Sig Sauer handguns, Smith and Wesson handguns, Colt handguns, Springfield Armory guns, Ruger handguns or even Baretta products. There's really not a lot we CAN'T do when it comes to custom guns, so just ask us if there's any custom gun parts or custom gun accessories you are thinking of adding to your arsenal. 

The decisions we make at William's Gun Works have been made from our experience in the firearm and training industry. We stay plugged into the community and keep up with the latest and greatest mods to hit the market. Some work and some don't, plain and simple, that's just how the custom gun business works. We make it our personal responsibility to know the differences between high quality and low quality and what our customers want. We are pro2a in the purest form, pro police, pro-military and God-fearing red-blooded Americans. No snowflakes here.

- William Clint Turner

About Us‚Äč

William Clint Turner owner/operator

1105 W HWY 54 Suite B, Andover KS 67002

tel: 316-880-2197 email: williamsgunworks@gmail.com