Who the hell are these guys?

At Williams Gun Works we don't just build stuff and throw it out there. We build it and run it thru some tough testing to make sure you get an awesome product that wont fail. There are things we refuse to do just from a moral standpoint. These decisions have been made from our experience in the firearm and training industry. We stay plugged into the community and keep up with the latest and greatest mods to hit the market. Some work and some don't, plain and simple. We make it our personal responsibility to know the difference. We are pro2a in the purest form, pro police, pro military and God fearing Americans. No snowflakes here.

William Clint Turner

William Clint Turner owner/operator

807 E. Harry Wichita KS 67211

tel: 316-880-2197 email: williamsgunworks@gmail.com